Custer County Foundation

The Custer County Foundation was officially organized in November of 1991 with the purpose of receiving and administering funds to meet the needs of residents of Custer County.  The funds could be donated in the areas of civic, health, cultural, welfare and educational improvements through the county.

Many communities and counties in Nebraska have benefited from the existence of the Custer County Foundation.The Foundation has provided tax benefits to donors as well as scholarships, assistance for culture and the arts, park and recreational improvements, and contributions for social and family programs in the county.

Mission of the Custer County Foundation

The Custer County Foundation is a non-profit community trust which is structured to seek out, receive, and administer funds to meet the present and future needs of the residents of Custer County.  The funds are administered in the areas of health, arts and culture, social welfare, environment, education and civics.